Gulangyu: The Musical Rescue FREE ebook App from Happy Diamond Music Studio is Available for Download Today

The App includes both English and Chinese languages with subtitles for both -- making the app a great tool for understanding the importance of conservation and learning a new language.

Gulangyu: The Musical Rescue FREE ebook App from Happy Diamond Music Studio is Available for Download Today

HONG KONG,PRNewswire/ — Gulangyu is a pedestrian-only island off the coast of south-eastern China. It’s also a UNESCO Heritage Site. Heroine Xiao Rui, a young girl who lives on Gulangyu, discovers that her island is in danger, and in learning to save her home, she also learns how to save the whole world from global warming.

However, Xiao Rui is not alone on her mission.  A friendly flying baby dragon named Henry along with Riyanshi, the Earth Fairy, and a multilingual parrot called Na Na, aid Xiao Rui as she spirits around the globe learning about what causes global warming and what she can do about it herself.

This epic adventure takes kids on journeys to places like the Amazon rainforest where the perils of deforestation are seen firsthand. Kids will fly alongside Xiao Rui to see icebergs in Greenland, solar farms floating in the lake that used to be a coal mine, landfills where scientists perform research, and more. Gulangyu introduces a diverse array of landscapes along with a diverse cast of people and animals. It’s truly a multifaceted story.

Gorgeous artwork and story-book-style animation, come together to make Gulangyu: The Musical Rescue a fun and captivating learning experience.

About Happy Diamond Music Studio:

Award winning composer Shirley Choi 蔡筱蕊 is the creative force behind this innovative multimedia company that seeks to educate children through music and engaging stories. Shirley has traveled the globe and understands the importance of teaching young children about our planet’s fragility. Happy Diamond Music Studio focuses on the goal of educating kids about the environment through musical adventure stories that espouse the concepts of friendship, faith and love. The company also seeks to educate children through engaging content about our threatened environment, from facts about ecosystems to concepts of conservation.

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