What is this country coming to?



Comment by REJAL ARBEE


LOOKS like those people in authority do not have compassion anymore?

I am referring to the jailing of the husband and wife for seven months for theft of food items worth RM133 at AEON supermarket in Subang Jaya.

They had been jailed before. But ever since freed they have been looking for jobs but have not been successful.

It seems they were both drug addicts and had thus found difficulties in getting a job.

Thus, who can we blame if reformed addicts can’t find jobs?

So, how are they going to survive? How are they going to look after their two very young children?

Here we have a couple, drug addicts and had also been jailed before.

Now that they are freed and wanting to turn over a new leaf as I am pretty sure they had learnt their lessons they face all kinds of difficulties and hindrances.

The question is why must society remain so unsympathetic towards them?

I am pretty sure they are not the first reformed addicts to be so badly treated.

What is our Welfare Department doing?

Or is this of no concern to them?

If so what is their responsibility, then?

If that is how society treat reformed addicts how can we ever hope to rehabilitate people like them?

There has to be a more positive response from the authorities to such groups. Only then can we expect reformed addicts not to be driven back to being addicts and turn to crime just to survive.

The authorities have to be more humane and compassionate towards such people if we are serious in combating drug addiction.

There is no point in just talking without a willingness to help bring these addicts back into society.

If reformed addicts are mistreated this way we should never ever hope we can rid the scourge from this country.

Another thing that comes to mind arising from the action of the police against this couple is why are the police and authorities being so harsh against these people.

Is it only because they are just ordinary folks who do not have any influence and thus of no use to the enforcement agencies?

Why don’t the police and the authorities act in the same manner towards those who are influential and have means?

This only the authorities and certainly the police can answer.

Only then can we ever hope to get equal treatment from the likes of these two.

If this is how the authorities act can we ever hope people like the two can be given compassionate treatment?


— BebasNews
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