Don’t you have any conscience at all?

Don’t you have any conscience at all?




THERE is a very interesting study conducted by the Centre for Governance and Political Studies (Cent-GPS) which in no uncertain terms proves what has been known, especially among the Malays for a long while, and surely also by the Chinese that these immigrants not only favour their own kind but discriminates against the Malays, the original inhabitants of this country who by their own nature and belief in fair play and stance had not only welcomed the Chinese but encourages their migration here.

And yet due to this stance of theirs, which some believe as folly, they are now subjected to discrimination by the very people who they had not only welcomed but given places to not only live and survive but to prosper.

Can anybody say who else in this world who had been so liberal and accommodative to the extent that they are now being discriminated against by these same immigrants?

Don’t these Chinese who discriminates against the Malays have any conscience at all?

That is also why quite a number of Malays when angry at such discrimination had uttered the words “Hoi pi balek tongsanlah” that is go back to Chinalah to these Chinese.

Hopefully, now that all of us who say that they are Malaysians will accept this fact and stop their discrimination against the Malays.

The Malays are not asking for favours but only what is right and what is due to them.

Competition for a job anywhere in this country should always be on ability and qualification and not on racial background.

Yet there are some of these people who proudly proclaim themselves as Malaysians can’t even speak the language of the land let alone speak it well.

Can anyone here say where else in the world where the language of the land is not only not used by their immigrants but they can’t even understand it.

Can we expect any time soon when a Malaysian Chinese will speak Bahasa when speaking to another Malaysian Chinese?

That is very common in Indonesia where an Indonesian Chinese will converse in Bahasa Indonesia when speaking to another Indonesian Chinese.

And also this: They also accused the Malays of controlling government jobs when in reality they seldom apply because the salaries is small when compared to the private sector.


— BebasNews
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