BOLEHLAND justice!

BOLEHLAND justice!

BOLEHLAND justice! Petty trader fined RM100k. Polluters dumping dangerous chemical into the river maximum fine only RM 500k and still no one being charged!




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THE above is another example of how skewered or weird our justice system is or more precisely how they are NOT serving justice to the country and the people.

What more can we say?

What is it with our justice system? A poor villager who is just a petty trader trying to eke out a living was given a stiff sentence of a fine of RM100, 000 for selling smuggled cigarettes, while polluters dumping dangerous chemicals into the river in Johor that had resulted in the death of at least one school girl, hospitalised nearly 300 other students and forced the closure of at least two schools and affected hundreds, if not thousands of villagers faces a maximum fine of only RM500k.

What are we actually? Is this the kind of justice that we want?

Can’t our government and especially all of us Malaysians tell our government and our judges and magistrates that they must be more just? They must also be more aware that the justice they mete out must not only be fair but must be seen to be fair.

This is the least that we expect from our justice system. Can we ever expect that from all our magistrates and judges and our justice system as a whole? Is that too much to expect?

I sincerely hope somebody within the system can respond! Or is that is also too much to expect?

Isn’t it about time that the government itself take a very serious look into this to ensure that there is fairness all round.

Otherwise don’t talk about justice! Can’t our members of Parliament bring this up in the Dewan Rakyat so that whatever that is necessary can be carried out to ensure all Malaysians can feel that we have been served with the justice that we deserve?

Isn’t this another example of how skewered or weird our justice system is? They are not actually serving the justice that all of us Malaysians expect from the system.

I keep wondering when is it that we can expect REAL justice to prevail in this country!


— BebasNews
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One Response to "BOLEHLAND justice!"

  1. alfie  15/03/2019 at 2:07 pm

    Sad. These petty traders are just looking for extra income for survival while we compare to the more organised illicit and illegal activities by the non Malays are getting away with it as they have the money to ‘ kaw tim’ the Bolehland authorities.


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