Thank you New Zealand — the beacon of hope for mankind

Top hoto: Four people march with a sign at the flower wall during the “March for Love” event with supporters in North Hagley Park in Christchurch on March 23, 2019 – Eight days on from the mosque shootings that claimed 50 lives on March 15 in Christchurch. (Photo by Marty MELVILLE / AFP)




YES, what the people of New Zealand and its leaders spearheaded by no less than its Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern showed since the Christchurch rampage by that hateful racist animal masquerading as a human is, indeed, a very good lesson to all of us mankind and an excellent example of what sympathy and compassion is all about.

Thank you, New Zealand. May you always prosper and be a beacon for all of us.

There is always a silver lining even in the worst of situations.

What the New Zealand government and people have shown during that eventful week is something the whole of mankind should revere, uphold and emulate.

Why, even the Hells Angels bikers, who are known for their rough and tough image rallied to show their abhorrence of the white supremacist, who gunned down Muslim worshipers attending the Friday prayers, and in the process even murdered women and children who were at the two mosques targeted in Christchurch.

Photo: AFP

In joining New Zealanders who rallied behind Muslims in the wake of the attack, Arden did not just spew despication against the dastardly deed, but she went further by donning the hijab as a mark of solidarity with the women for turned up for the memorial service at Christchurch’s Hagley Park.

Never could I have imagined when some years ago while riding the cable car from the region’s snow-capped mountains and being mesmerized by the beautiful vistas spread out before me, that it would later become the backdrop for such a bloody carnage.

What that cowardly act showed is also the fact that the white supremacists are alive and kicking and will forever pose a danger to the majority who believe in living together in harmony and peace.

Although Adolph Hitler may have been long gone, but his adherents who subscribe to the myths of the Aryan Whites being the superior race against the coloured and blacks is still very much alive and continue to be not only upheld but extensively propagated.

It is time the western powers take a more serious look at such a skewered world view, not only to contain them but to not allow such dangerous mindset to rear its ugly head.

So long as such extreme bigotry exists, the danger of untold violence such as this may recur.

Allah SAW has said that humans were created as tribes and nations so that they would strive to know and understand one another and to live in peace and harmony.

Hopefully this will prevail, for otherwise it is humans who will ultimately destroy themselves.

Thank you New Zealand, may you prosper and continue to be the beacon of hope for us, all of mankind.

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