OCM, COO the truth and facts

OCM, COO the truth and facts


Heresay? No announcement? Not confirmed? Highest marks? Stakeholders? Embarrassed?

Well oh well, if those in the seats of power at the Olympic Council of Malaysia want to twist the facts and play with words and deny the truth, then we do not have to wait long for an Olympic Gold Medal for the best acting in the field of sports administration,

This website stands by our report on Wednesday, April 9 that reported on the appointment of the OCM Chief Operating Officer.

Factually this is what transpired.

1. We had the names of the six candidates who were shortlisted for interview from the 59 that applied for the position of Chief Executive Officer on February 7 simply because we had someone present on the day of the interview to see the candidates as they turned up for interview. So this was no big secret to start with.

2. Even as the run up to the interviews, it was clear that one official had a preference for a certain candidate while the other two were inclined towards another candidate. So was it a hogwash of an interview? Readers decide as there was intense lobbying done by a senior sports official for a certain candidate

3. This website then revealed that the OCM could not possibly hire a CEO as its constitution where it reads :ARTICLE 20 : DUTIES OF OFFICE-BEARERS 20.1. The President shall be the Chief Executive of the OCM and shall preside at all General Assemblies and meetings of the Executive Council and the Executive Board.

4. Hence the Executive Board was briefed as such and the position was changed to a COO at its April 9 meeting.

5. The fact that this candidate was chosen was further illustrated by the OCM President in a website that posted an article on the night of April 9 and it was followed by a story in this website on April 10 in the wee hours of the morning.

Kindly go to the following links to read the stories and look at the timeline as well.



Reading the first article, one can easily see that a decision was already made and a formal announcement was to be made Wednesday. Why was there no denial by OCM right away if no decision was made in the first place?

6. In response to this two articles, another website published a story, once again there was no denial. Kindly read the article below on this link.


7. Following the heat in the social media, an emergency or special Executive Board Meeting was called on Friday at 3.00pm and it was more a damage control exercise that largely was not well handled.

8. Had the OCM Executive Board read their own constitution, they could have known that they did not have absolute power in appointing an employed or seek the services of such an employee by virtue of their constitution that reads ;

Article 15: The Executive Council of the OCM

Article 15.2.11-to obtain the service of any person, Association, company, corporation, firm or any other body or organisation for the purpose of conducting any business or affairs of the OCM.

Does Article 15.2.11 mean the approval of Council is required for the appointment of the COO.?

The Executive Board is under the Executive Council comprising all OCM’s members.

9. In the first place why was there such a rush to advertise , interview and hire a CEO or COO and was there due diligence done on the candidates?

10. Why hide the truth? Tell it as it is and if there is a backlash, then there ought to have been reasoning and justification. The candidate had a proven track record, that is not a doubt. But now will she be hired after this special board meeting ?

Ultimately it all boils down to one thing – there was a sinister motive from the onset,

It is apparent that a decision was made, endorsed by the Board and on Friday that very Board opted to change the decision by trusting facts.

Remember one thing though, we cannot avoid judgement day and there when questioned one will need to be truthful in their answer.’

Let the play on the conscience of those who made disparaging remarks on what was written by this website and Dato Sieh Kok Chi.

I standby what I had written as it was fine honestly, truthfully, factually , with no hidden agenda and as a duty towards the sports fraternity in this country,

It’s up to readers to judge the right and wrongs in this sordid episode.

Now onwards to find the pair of shoes that caused me to walk barefooted in New Delhi at midnight one day in December 2013.

And no, I was not embarrassed one bit walking in my socks .

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