Why do people have a bank account?

Why do people have a bank account?


The bank has to ensure that its machine is working to serve all of its customers, if not all the time then at least most of the time.


Apart from enabling employers to bank-in their staff monthly salaries and for the employees to withdraw that money it also enables them to transfer money from one account holder to another, i.e. to whoever we want give money and also for the account holder to keep his money safe.

At times we also want to withdraw some for our use.

Fortunately, banks now desirous of making such things convenient to their depositors have for a long time deployed ATM machines not only at their premises but also at petrol stations and other locations.

Unfortunately, the one bank where I have my account, Maybank, do not seem to care about the smooth functioning of its ATM machines.

I refer specifically to its ATM machine at a Petronas station in Bukit Jelutong, Shah Alam.

It is most unfortunate that it is the only one to service all of its customers who live in the area, which includes Bukit Jelutong, Puncak Perdana, Alam Suria, among others.

Thus, there must be quite a few thousand of its customers there.

Knowing this, surely the bank has to ensure that its machine there is working to serve all of its customers there, if not all the time then at least most of the time.

This has not been the case for me on two consecutive occasion when I tried to withdraw my money, once earlier today (May 14) and another about two or three weeks ago.

On both occasions I would get to see a notice displayed, ‘sorry we are not in service now or some such unflattering messages when I slot-in my ATM card.’

My question is, if such is the case then why bother to have that machine there at all?

Then, people like me will not be bothered to go there anymore to withdraw our money.

I sincerely hope the management of Maybank could take a bit of time to seriously look into this and ensure that their machines can really serve their customers most of the time even if not all the time.

I actually very much regret to have my account with that bank.

I have had my account with the same bank ever since I started work with The Straits Times way back in 1966,  mainly because the newspaper had its account with them.

Its now too late for me to change banks, otherwise I would certainly have done so with the message good riddance to the unconcerned bank.

— BebasNews
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