Athletics: Karim to be challenged


THE Malaysian Athletics Federation just cannot seem to hide from being in the limelight.

The beleaguered national body is set to hog the limelight, obviously for the wrong reasons yet again as the elections are due at the end of the month.

There are strong vibes that incumbent President Datuk Karim Ibrahim is set to be challenged by someone from his present Executive Board.

This comes as a complete surprise, as from the outside it seemed like all was well within the athletics governing body fraternity.

Sources revealed that the challenge was necessary as Karim operated on his own and not in consultation when making decisions

This has irked some quarters to start raising issues, such as financial matters that they claimed could derail Karim’s quest to retain the presidency for another term.

Whether the challenger will actually sum up enough courage to contest will only be known after the nominations close next week.

Karim, Who is vocal with his views, is not well liked by poets that be at the National Sports Council and that too could play a vital role in determining his future.

Although he retained the Asian AA seat with a handsome margin, his inability to govern as a team is leading to many questioning his leadership style.

The latest being the appointment of a General Manager for MAF that the Board had no knowledge about,

Though Karim means well and has the interest of athletics both in his mind and heart, even he needs to realise that an autocratic leadership is much frowned upon these days where democracy, no matter how much it is manipulated, is the name of the game.

So on your marks, get set and await the starters gun for yet another dash for positions in Malaysian sports.
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