Kadir Jasin: Sex video controversy a litmus test for Pakatan


THE sex video controversy will serve as a litmus test for Pakatan Harapan as leaders in other countries had voluntarily resigned when implicated in scandals, says veteran newsman A. Kadir Jasin.

He said the emergence of the sex video would show if Pakatan leaders would use the party and government positions to shield any wrongdoing, or if they would “do the right thing”.

“Last year, the United Kingdom’s small business minister, Andrew Griffiths, resigned over an expose that he sent sexual messages to female constituents.
“In India last year, the junior foreign minister Mobashar Jawed Akbar, resigned despite not doing anything wrong. He stepped down simply because he was embroiled in a defamation suit against a journalist.
“Over in Canada, economic development minister for the state of Ontario, Jim Wilson, resigned over sexual misconduct allegations.
“Of course, I can never forget the Prufomo Affair when the British secretary of state for War, Lord John Dennis Prufumo, was sacked and later jailed for having an affair with a call girl, the beautiful Christine Keeler.
“He was jailed not because he slept with Keeler but because in doing so he jeopardised the nation’s security because she was a girlfriend to a UK-based Soviet spy,” he said.
Kadir said it remains to be seen of the Pakatan government will uphold its promise to be open, transparent and accountable – apart from keeping its resolve to respect the rule of law and uphold the Federal Constitution.

“It is a test of the Pakatan leadership’s ability to stay above the fray and to put the interests of the country above personal likes and dislikes.

“It is a test to the humanity, humility, morality and dignity of Pakatan leaders – collectively and individually,” he said.

Kadir said it would also put to test the professionalism, independence and impartiality of the police under the leadership of the new Inspector-General of Police Datuk Seri Abdul Hamid Bador.

–The Star
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