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IT has now become a daily occurrence to see lines of cars waiting to get through the toll lanes, even during off the peak periods not just at the paying lanes but even more so at the so called ‘smart tag’ lanes.

In fact at times the queue at the ‘smart’ tag lane is even longer.

So, what is it with the company providing the so called smart tag which is downright not smart at all?

If we can describe an inanimate object as stupid, then the smart tag is more than downright stupid, or at least the people providing that ‘smart’ tag are to me.

Why can’t we be like in Tokyo where you don’t see any queues at all at their toll booths, be it at the normal pay on the spot lane or the smart tag lanes.

That was what I experienced more than 20 years ago.

And their traffic there at that times were even more horrendous than what we are now encountering here in the Klang Valley.

Or, nearer to home in Singapore, where despite the high traffic volume, there are hardly any queues on their toll roads.

Over there they have perfected a system where there are no toll booth at all and yet the cars using such roads are charged.

I cannot help but wonder what do the companies building and operating the toll roads here think and do?

Don’t they feel ashamed to see families with small children crying having to queue for ages just to get through a toll booth?

Why can’t the fellers (I wanted to use a more rude word but felt this is not an appropriate place) who are pocketing millions every week not able to see what is going on?

They surely must have brains, but I wonder whether those brains are stuck in a rut or somewhere unmentionable and thus not able to see and think rationally.

I sincerely hope the current government brings out its whip to cajole these companies to put their act together and be sympathetic to the long suffering motorists.

It is time that these companies be more efficient, thereby at least mitigating the sufferings of the motorists.

Is that too much to ask of money collecting companies?

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  1. Yes, I agree 101% with you. In fact we usual sight to see the smart tag lanes jammed up with cars more so when the smart tag reader could not read the card of the first car. Hence the car will have to reverse the car for a few meters but with the cars behind so near to one another , so one can imagine if that lane is a busy lane. Worst still PLUS has withdrawn their workers from maintaining their toll booths like in Nilai. That is where the terrible jam start to occur with the cars at the back trying to cut into other lanes

  2. A long time ago, there was an experiment to do a multi-lane free flow system for the New Pantai Expressway.
    Except for a few hesitant motorists, all went well on the first day of the barrier-free system.
    On the second day, some of motorists drove through without presenting their toll payment displaying device.
    On the third day, the number of motorists driving through without displaying their toll payment system increased exponentially.
    That was the end of the experiment because it proved that while the multi-lane free flow system was technically viable, it needed to be supported by a new law providing sufficient deterrent penalty against toll dodgers and cars with fancy number plates which could not be recognised by the video identification system.

  3. We have a most incompetsnt system. Fellers running it should have been pulled up a long time ago. Just look at how Singapore charges car going into its central area without so much of a check. Its all being done automatically where any car going into that area is automatically charged. I remember once in Tokyo more than 20 years ago there was never any queue at all at their toll plazas. If these things can be so successfully implemented there and more than 20 years ago, why are we then so outmoded and so incompetant? Cant the Malaysian authorities pull up all the companies having the so called smart tags which are anything but smart to get their act together so that our much maligned motorists need not have to go through such outmoded and incompetant system?
    Is it so difficult? Yet those companies are pocketing millions every month from our long suffering motorists. But do they care? Obviously they dont bother!


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