DAP no better than Umno



WHEN Umno was in control of the country, DAP had accused the party of abusing its power.

Well it looks like DAP is no better than Umno.

A political analyst said in fact, it is even worse now when Pakatan Harapan is in power.

“When DAP was not in power, everything in the country led by Umno was not okay.

But now that Pakatan is in power, they are committing the very same thing that Umno did when it was in power…

Dua kali lima jer,’ or loosely translated you are no better than me.

The analyst who declined to be identified said at one time, DAP accused Umno of cronyism and favouritism.

‘But look at the Perak DAP state assemblyman case accused of raping his maid.

Has there been any action so far?

One might also remember Lim Guan Eng’s case involving his bungalow.

The case was dropped as soon as Pakatan was in power.

Another analyst said nowadays, the wrongdoings commited by anybody during Pakatan rule is even more blatant.

Those who are corrupt, commit it openly eventhough it is clearly against the law.

Some of them even get away scot free.

‘Before DAP was in power, everything BN did looked bad.

Once DAP and Pakatan have power, they are the same like BN or even worse.’

He added cronyism exists everywhere even if a non-BN or a non-Pakatan leader becomes prime minister.



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