Deepfakes, voice cloning chosen as among “creepiest technologies” today


IN a report by Business Insider, deepfakes and voice cloning were chosen as among the “creepiest technologies” today.

Aaron Lawson, a scientist at SRI International’s Speech Technology and Research Laboratory, told the publication that deepfake technology – which uses AI to swap people’s faces and bodies – could exacerbate chaos and political instability as people lose more faith in the media.

“It’s going to lead to confusion about basic reality and encourage a sense that truth is just your opinion, based on the assumption that everything has been faked,” Lawson said.

With voice cloning, futurist Laura Mingail told Business Insider that AI’s ability to mimic a person’s voice, often just in minutes, has many implications and could be “used to access personal banking information, to speak with family members, employers, or even the press.”

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