AirAsia-MAHB spat, when will it ever end?



IT is no secret that there is no love lost between AirAsia and Malaysia Airports Holdings Berhad (MAHB).

In their latest spat, the low cost carrier is at loggerheads with the airport regulator over passenger service charge (PSC) which is now a court case.

MAHB as regulator of all airports in the country has always laid out the rules for all airline companies to follow.

AirAsia meanwhile has always complained that MAHB’s services are below par and not up to standards.

Earlier this year, AirAsia boss Tan Sri Tony Fernandes poked fun at MAHB for the poor cleanliness and hygiene at klia2.

There was also a beehive at klia2 which went viral.

And a few years back, AirAsia claimed that the runway was sinking.

AirAsia also complained of puddles of water on the runway after it rained.

Whichever way, these two parties must find a way to soothen their animosity and work together.

This is because a lot is at stake here which include Malaysia’s tourism industry, its image as well as its people.

If the wrangling between AirAsia and MAHB goes on, tourists will be driven away and our economy will be affected.

Bury the hatchet AirAsia-MAHB.

On another note, the PSC charge is just bad timing.

The passenger service charge (PSC) should not be enforced ahead of Visit Malaysia 2020.

Such a move would burden tourists who are already slapped with the airport tax.

This does not augur well with efforts to woo foreign tourists next year.

Maybe the government should consider scrapping it altogether.

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