Qualifications: Why the need to LIE?




I look with consternation over the hoo hah about the qualifications or otherwise of all those people in power.

Its as if a university degree is the be all for a person to be a leader.

I dont remember qualification or a university degree ever being a major criterion for a person to be a leader.

What is needed is integrity and honesty.

My question is are these people masquarading as having been to this or that university and having diplomas or degrees from those institutions all that important?

If you do not possess one why the need to LIE?

For most people it just do not matter.

Thus we even have a former leader claiming he has a degree from a university in England.
To the best of my memory when he came back after his father passed away he had not even sat for his finals.

In fact he was there for a number of years and never did study or sat for the exams to gain qualifications. He was busy enjoying himself and galivanting to the extent he did not have the time to finish his education when he was recalled.

I did interview him on his return and knew he did not complete his stint at the university.

So certainly what he claimed as to his degree was not earned then; though of course he can obtain the degree that has been attributed to him from his studies later when he was already a political leader.

A university degree is only to help a person begin his working life with a good job.

It certainly do not guarantee the success or failure of a person.

I can name so many successful people who do not have any university qualifications.

They are successful because of their honesty, hard work and integrity. Of course luck also helps.

So why is there so much attention being given to the qualification of a leader to the extent that some of them feel it necessary to lie about their qualifications.

I feel sorry for the people harping on this to the extent some of these leaders needed to lie about their qualifications.


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