In any sport, undertaking development is a thankless and often least publicised effort.

Not only is it time consuming and expensive, but often the end result can only been seen after several years.

But without proper development structure, no sport can sustain itself in a competitive world, especially when E-Sports has been given such prominence of late.

Things are set to change though for Hockey as the Matador Hockey Club has put aside all dissenting views and has come up with a Hockey development program that provides kids an opportunity to pick up and improve their skills and ability.

The Matador Hockey Club was initiated two years ago by a group of individuals who wanted to give back to the sport of hockey that made them who they are today.

Led by enterprising businessman Sarwan Singh, the club has in their ranks the likes of Olympians Sarjit Singh, Maninderjit Singh, former internationals Balbir Singh, M, Nadarajah and Baljit Singh Charun.

And renowned German coach Paul Lissek is the consultant of this unique program.

Finances are not easy to come by, so the 40 odd members contribute RM100 to the coffers of the club, to fund activities such as weekly coaching clinics, organisation of in house competitions, participation in domestic and international tournaments.

And through a detailed marketing and sponsorship program, the club managed to add RM99,000 to its coffers by selling adverts on their playing attire.

Leading the contributors were MAZ International School who contributed RM35,000.

E-Hailing company, MyGo provided RM25,000.

MAC Security Consultant (RM15,000) and Johor Sikhs Sports Club (RM12,000) and Selangor Sikh Association ( RM12,000)

In placing on record the clubs appreciation and gratitude to the sponsors, Matador Hockey Club President Sarwan Singh said, “Sponsors are a vital ingredient to any sports body and we cannot thank them enough for their valuable support.

“We intend to repay their faith and confidence in the club by producing players that will in the near future be key players in teams be it at state or national levels,

“More importantly the kids are provided an avenue to do physical training and be kept away from social ills that plague the young.”

Datuk Mohamad Azli b Mohemed Saad a Director of MYGO Apps lauded in the initiative of Matador Hockey Club.

“MYGO is always keen to play a pivotal role in sponsoring sports and community based events as part of our branding and Corporate Social Responsibility.,” said Dato Mohamad Azli.

It is pertinent to note that the Matador Hockey Club does not receive any funding from government agencies and have to pay normal rental rates for the use of Hockey pitches be it at the Tun Razak Stadium or the National Hockey Stadium.

But it is passion and wanting to provide a platform for kids to be nurtured in hockey is what drives these fine gentlemen who helm the club towards contributing back to the sport in their way.

About Matador Hockey Club

Kelab Hoki Matador (Matador Hockey Club) was registered with Sports Commissioner’s Office on 7th August 2017.

Amongst its activities undertaken are a Fund Raising Dinner, Three (3) In-House Mini Hockey Tournaments, 3rd Annual Matador Hockey Club Hockey Tournament on the 18th & 19th November 2017 where 28 Teams participated and Total Prize Money was RM14,000, participated in the Australian Sikh Games 2018 in Sydney, Organised Six (6) In-House Mini Hockey Tournaments.

A total of 44 youngsters benefit from the weekly Goalkeepers & Kids Hockey Program

This is a Structured Program with Coaching Structure ranging from goalkeepers as well as outfield players.

More than 70 training sessions average of minimum 4 hours weekly, totaling than 200 hours of hockey in a year is conducted.

In addition, with Matador Hockey Club’s affiliation with the Kuala Lumpur Hockey Association, it gave them an opportunity to participate in the 2018 Division 4 League.

International the club also participated in the FHE Cup in Perth 2018. Among the activities planned for 2019 are :

– Five (5) In-House Mini Hockey Tournaments

– 4th Annual Matador HC Invitational Hockey Tournament (TBC)

– Weekly Matador HC Development, Goalkeepers & Kids Hockey Program

– Invitational International Events i.e. Kings Cup & Bali

– Domestic Invitation Competition – Age group/Open/Veterans

– KLHA Div 3 League Participation & Knockout Competition in 2019

– FHE Cup in Perth 2019 – Age group event

– Facilitation with Gudwara Cup & Hola Mehala 2019 – Age group & Open

– Age Group Invitational Tournaments

– Friendly Matches for Development Team & Kids

– Engaging another Coach for Intermediate Stage Kids Program ie Total 4 Coaches to handle the Weekly Hockey Program.

About MyGo

MYGO is an application on mobile devices (mobile phones / tablets) that facilitate the Malaysia people to mobilize in the city area and Surroundings.

MYGO is available for all Android device users. Equipped with several features that can be used by the Malaysia community, among others, features Car (E-Hailing), SEND (Service Delivery of goods / documents with motor), Food (Food purchasing service), Freight (Logistics Service for your business).

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