A strange story from our justice system…



Can they sleep well thinking that they had condemned a man who was supposed to have killed a man and  yet that man is still alive?

THIS is a very strange story, indeed, which goes to prove that our justice system is really an ass as had often been said by all and sundry, except perhaps by the Bench itself.

Consider this: a man has been on death row waiting to be hanged after he was found guilty of killing a man 17 years ago.

But now, the man who had supposedly been murdered is found alive and kicking.

By right the man on death row should already have been released. And not only everyone involved in sending him to death row should be kicking themselves, but should ask for repentance and forgiveness from the man they had condemned to death in similar cases.

It is most fortunate that the condemned man had not yet been hanged.

But, what is odd and most unfortunate is that the condemned man is still in jail in Sungai Buloh, supposedly waiting to be hanged for murdering a man who had been found to be alive.

So, what kind of justice is this?

The odd thing is that nobody seemed to care: not the police, the persecution nor the bench.

Again, what kind of justice do we have in this country when a man had been condemned to death by hanging is still languishing in prison, whereas the person whom he supposedly murdered is very much alive?

Can anyone from the police, the prosecution team and especially the bench, more so the judges who heard the case do something to correct the wrong that had been done? Don’t these people have any conscience at all?

Can they sleep well thinking that they had condemned such a man to death for something he never did?

— BebasNews
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