I REALLY have a bone to pick with Maybank over the operations of its ATM machines.

The machines were really most unreliable for the times when I had to rely on them to withdraw cash.

This happened too many times that it is not funny anymore.

For the whole of the Bukit Jelutong area in Shah Alam, which includes the area where I live, there is only one miserable Maybank branch and only one Maybank ATM machine.

What is most frustrating is that it seems to be always out of cash and the very unentertaining message displayed on the screen, “Sorry we are not in operation now” or some other idiotic notices.

Thus, it’s customers like me who cannot withdraw our money when we are skint down to our last dollar in the pocket and have given up on all credit cards can you imagine the problem we have to face in such a situation?

Even if actively armed with cards, it is not helpful when most outlets around my neighborhood will not accept them for purchases of less than RM50. It so different in the west, where they mostly operate cashless and accept cards even for very small purchases.

Now, if the Maybank ATM machines cannot function well and are so unreliable, then why bother to have them?  Might as well take them away, habis cerita, and all its customers like me would be spared the agony and distress.

For whatever it is worth, it is now too late to switch banks as I have been with Maybank’s (Malayan Banking) KL Railway Station branch ever since I started work with The Straits Times way back in 1963.

Today, I just don’t understand why the bank, which is supposedly the country’s biggest bank, is so unreliable?

Why can’t its executives take a serious look at its operations and do something to improve it, especially its ATM operations for the sake of its customers?

Perhaps, they are more engaged with big accounts that they could not care less for the small customers anymore.

If I am younger and still running a newspaper I would have run a campaign to get its small customers to boycott the bank and to switch to another bank. Probably only then will all its executives be satisfied?

Hopefully, what I have narrated here will at least draw some attention of the very busy executives who will then be jolted to do something to improve.

But for me I have already given up on Maybank, and good riddance.




— BebasNews


  1. Thank you for carrying the story on Maybank.

    There has been very positive reaction from Maybank.

    I just got a call from one of their officers who was very apologetic over what I had to go through. It so happened that he had served under me in NST a long time ago.

    Maybank is now in the midst of changing to new atm machines which allows those taking out money to get it from cash deposited apart from cash put in for the ATM. As such with the new system in place there will not arise a situation where the machines will run out of cash for withdrawals by its customers.

    This is what its customers been looking for. So thank you again and thus my call for a boycott of the bank no longer holds.

    -Datuk Rejal Arbee

  2. I totally agree that Maybank Service Sucks. They can change your current account type without informing U, giving reason that it was BNM’s instruction and the Branch Manager claims that she has sent an SMS to my phone, can U believe it. The new Current Acoount do not pay interest and previous one do.

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