THE myth is that the only significant change the Olympic Council of Malaysia has made over its past one year upon being elected into office as the Executive Board is moving its monthly board meetings from 4pm to 10am.

Otherwise it has been largely status quo, as no new ideas or innovations have been put in place to project OCM as a significant decision maker in sports, and it is largely sticking to its role, often said as a travel agent to facilitate the participation of Athletes into the multi sports evenings.

Not one single new sponsor has been roped into the Olympic family but several have left, which raises a question mark as to why,

The never ending episode of its hotel, that looks like a ghost town now is also unanswered and questions being raised as to why this is or was allowed to happen in the first place.

Perhaps OCM is still caught in a time warp, as it was made clear that the “ heresy” appointment then of a COO was going to be announced by late April.

It is now June, three glorious months have passed since then and there is no outs of evidence a new exercise was taken or even on the appointment of a media officer, as discussed and proposed by its Media Committee.

On both accounts they should forget about filling up the positions as they are largely redundant and a waste of money.

Rather the 14 or so odd committees within, OCM should largely focus on areas of improving and strengthening their members, which is the national sports bodies.

With the Sports Minister largely uninterested in sports, the OCM President needs to play a more effective and hands on role in providing the much needed leadership and guidance to sports bodies, who have to a large extent often being bullied into submission by overzealous government officers who hold the purse strings.

The sub-committees in OCM are largely subdued with no real contribution towards affiliates, with the exception of a few such as the Medical, Women in Sports, Management and Finance Committee.

Having been told they have to source for funding for activities, most just hold meetings sans other activities.

For instance, take the National Olympic Academy (NOA), which holds annual courses funded by Olympic Solidarity, just how many of the participants actually go on to serve sports bodies? Has a study been done on this?

The fact remains that the NOA ought to be led by someone outside the EB. This provision, however, despite being in the constitution, is ignored. God knows why.

Then let’s take a look at the museum, where stories about the nation’s sporting history are displayed, but hardly given it’s due significance.

Nothing is being done to digitalise the facility and entice kids to visit.

Perhaps, the most under rated and least used provision in OCM is the alternate dispute resolution chamber provision where matters could be referred to resolve through mediation and arbitration.

The ongoing MAKAF issue should and ought to be resolved at this level rather than the courts of law.

And where credit is due, it must be given.

The president has managed to get OCM representation into joint working committees of the NSC and NSA, which comes as a significant and unprecedented move.

But instead of sending staff to represent OCM it will be more significant to get EB members to attend the meetings, as they could easily split the duties amongst them.

Instead of spending time deliberating on who, how, where and why I get my information from that I often reveal, it is best that time is spent towards looking at the needs of sports.

A repercussion is always expected from my revelations. But get over your obsession and work towards the common good of sports.

Stop watching over each other’s shoulder or accusing staff of leaks, for my job is to write about truth and yours is to prevent truth from coming out.

We are thus on opposites sides, ultimately truth shall forever prevail.

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