Para Elections: Does KBS fear a KJ triumph?


DEPUTY Sports Minister Steven Sim should learn when not to open his mouth.

Wading into the elections of the Paralympic Council of Malaysia was just one of the instances when the chap from Bukit Mertajam should have realised that silence is golden.

But no, he had to politicise everything and true to form he attacked Rembau MP Khairy Jamaluddin for seeking to contest the president position of PCM.

Steven’s retort When poses with the question on KJ’s contest to decision was shocking.

He said politicians should not get involved in sports as they should be focusing on their task in politics.

In other words what Steven was saying is that KJ has no business trying to get a position in sports.

One can look at this in two different perspectives.

Firstly Steven and his boss Syed Saddiq probably have no clue how to handle KJ should he win the position.

Or secondly he had genuine concern with regards to Politicians being involved in sports.

And in order to make a point on the second aspect, Steven needs to do some spring cleaning within his own Ministry.

Firstly the individual appointed to the position of Head of Corporate Communications in KBS is the Head of Information of Bersatu Penang.

Next we have the Menteri Besar of Kedah and Perak Football Associations as President’s of their respective state FA’s.

Can Steven now make public his displeasure of the above three individuals holding positions and seek them to vacate their posts as well?

Steven should not fear KJ winning the position but in actual fact should commend him for wanting to serve the less fortunate.

There is no doubt whatsoever that elevating the para Athletes was an idea mooted and implemented by Khairy himself during his tenure as Sports Minister.

It was, is and will always remain as his legacy – unless Steven and Sadiqq want to dismantle that ad they have done to many good initiatives in sports over the year they have been in office

And to Radha who has been harping in the media about the process of Khairy’s nomination and even to the extent of asking the Sports Ministry to intervene, the advice to him is simple – use the ballot box instead of talking.

It is really up to the delegates to determine who should be voted into office.

Not some politicians that warm seats in Putrajaya and chest thumping as if they were Gods gift to Malaysian Sports.
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