The Malays must prove Dr. Mahathir wrong





RIGHT after Kongess Maruah Melayu finished, by and large all Malay supporters left satisfied.

However, there are detractors who question Dr. Mahathir’s sincerity and agenda.

As usual, Dr. Mahathir in his blunt style said the Malays are lazy.

One such disgruntled member of  Gerakan Srikandi Malaysia lambasted Dr. Mahathir for criticising the Malays.

The woman accused Dr. Mahathir as only enriching his cronies.

She defended that a lot of Malays do work hard in low cost paying jobs.

The woman did not get it.

Dr. Mahathir wants the Malays to stop ‘the depend’ on the government mentality.

Dr. Mahathir also wants the Malays to work hard and not become “Ali Babas.”

This Ali Baba mentality is rampant among the Malays who sell their contracts and approved permits or APs to others and earn commissions.

Dr. Mahathir also wants the Malays to stand on their own feet and stop depending on handouts and subsidies.

The Malay youths must study hard and graduate at universities instead of becoming Mat Rempits.

The Malays must not be choosy and work hard everywhere, including under the hot sun and not just work in air-conditioned offices.

Dr. Mahathir wants the Malays to be economic powerhouses to compete with non-bumiputeras and foreigners.

Many Malays just don’t understand Dr. Mahathir who can be sarcastic, outspoken and straight to the point.

The Malays should not be hurt by his comments.

The Malays must rise to the challenge and prove Dr. Mahathir wrong.


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  1. Apa yang anda tulis, semua pun betul… cuma nya yang duk memimpin Malaysia sejak dulu lagi kan Pemimpin Melayu. Orang bijak pandai beri petua, kalau anak-anak nakal, lihatlah pemimpin yang pimpin keluarga tu, jangan lihat anak-anak tersebut.


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