App plays matchmaker in Indonesia between abandoned animals and adopters


YOGYAKARTA — Distraught by their incessant and distressed barking, Ms Christina Dwi Kusumaningtyas rescued two puppies from their abusive owner in Yogyakarta City, Indonesia, in October 2017, and named them Nada and Angel.

The 21-year-old college student already owned five dogs, so she had to find new owners for the puppies.

However, no one was interested and Animal Friends Jogja (AFJ), a shelter for animals, also declined to take the puppies as it was unable to cope with more dogs.

It suggested that Ms Kusumaningtyas give “Adopsi” – a mobile app developed by a long-time AFJ volunteer – a try.

“Within days after signing up and uploading photos and information about Nada and Angel on Adopsi, my phone was swamped with messages from potential adopters.

“They reached out to me both on WhatsApp and through Adopsi’s messaging feature,” Ms Kusumaningtyas told CNA.

Both Nada and Angel have since been adopted by two different families.

Mr Bobby Fernando, a 31-year-old software engineer, said Adopsi came into existence in a training session held at the software company he owned.

The instructor hired to teach his team how to build an Android-based mobile phone application had requested them to develop an app as an assignment.

“Since I have been volunteering at AFJ since 2011, I suggested creating an app to connect abandoned animals and people looking to adopt.

“I didn’t expect much from Adopsi originally,” Mr Fernando said.

But the overwhelming responses it received proved that there is a market for Adopsi in Indonesia. The problem of abandoned animals is rampant, but there is no channel for those looking to adopt.

Since its debut on app stores, Adopsi has managed to find homes for hundreds of animals, not just in Yogyakarta but across Indonesia. Another 600 are currently up for adoption.

“We want to connect people with the animals put up for adoption, and provide a second chance for the animals to have families, to have a home and to be loved.

“We want to promote animal adoption and dissuade people from buying pets,” Mr Fernando said.




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