PROSECUTORS must explain to the rakyat why charges against the alleged LTTE supporters have been dropped.

The government must also explain why Negeri Sembilan DAP chairman and othert suspects remained under arrest.

This release of Seremban Jaya state asssemblyman P Gunadrkaran is uncanny at a time when they are charged under the SOSMA Act which is a serious offence.

The Attorney General Chambers must enlighten the rakyat on why he was freed.

Was it because of a technical matter? Was it due to lack of evidence?

It does not help Pakatan Harapan when this happens, only a few days after the Home Ministry planned to cut their detention time.

The action taken was also inconsistent when a few years ago, a former Universiti Malaya Siti Aishah Atam was jailed for five years for possessing LTTE materials.

This is a serious matter as it involves national security and suspects detained under the Sosma Act 2012 should be thoroughly investigated.

The government must not sweep this matter under the carpet as it will open itself to speculation.

Was there a hidden hand which intervened with this matter? Were any politicians involved?

Whichever way, the rakyat is already incensed with this hypocrisy and the decision behind the action must be revealed.

If the government does not explain the reasons behind his release, then Pakatan is no better than the previous Barisan Nasional government.

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