A woman went to a hospital in Petaling Jaya seeking help for the trauma she suffered after being raped.

At the hospital, she was referred to a psychiatrist, a certain Dr G, who then began to harass her to the extent of even sending her explicit images of himself and asking her to do the same.

He had even shown her a sex toy he had bought, offered her ecstasy pills and invited her to his house.

She reported the matter to the police. But what did the police do? Zilch. Nothing!

Is this how our police now act?

Shouldn’t they investigate the matter and then take the necessary action?

Hopefully, Bukit Aman can explain this! They sure have a lot to explain for me to regain my confidence and more so, public trust!

It so happened that even the Malaysian Medical Council had not done anything, such as seeking an explanation from the rogue psychiatrist, well, not until very much later. Again, is this how the MMC operates?

Hopefully,  the government through the Ministry of Health can immediately investigate the case, because it looks like it is too much for the MMC to act!

And that is why I think it is about time the government take a serious look into all these, especially the attitude of the police and the hospital in Petaling Jaya.

Imagine that the psychiatrist is still practising as if nothing untoward had happened.

What has become of our country?

— BebasNews
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