E-Tunai, an analysis



THE government has introduced the E-tunai facility to the rakyat to promote cashless transaction.

But what is it about? How can it benefit the rakyat? Let’s take a look.

As an incentive, the government had credited RM30 to those who earn less than RM100,000 a year into e-tunai.

Naturally, the website was jammed on Thursday with over 300,000 applications at one time.

But what are its benefits?

For starters, e-Tunai is a cashless transaction for the rakyat to pay for services or goods.

This include Grab, Touch N Go and soon renew passports at the immigration department.

Since E-tunai is cashless, it will definitely reduce or better still eradicate corruption.

When there is less cash exchanged at the counter and the rakyat use e-tunai, the chances of corruption will be reduced.

Secondly, e-Tunai will smoothen the government’s delivery system.

With e-Tunai in place, the rakyat can just pay on-line instead of carrying wads of cash around.

Another obvious benefit of the e-tunai is security.

Cashless transactions will reduce robbery cases and theft thus giving the rakyat a piece of mind.

E-tunai is also convenient with many participating partners such as Touch n Go, Boost and Grab.

This will enhance economic activities and bolster local spending buffering us from the ongoing US-China trade spat.

E-tunai will definitely spur our efforts to become a digital economy one day.

However, not all will be familiar with the e-tunai.

Senior citizens might be bogged down by the technicalities and the government must ensure that it deploys its officers to teach the elderlies on how to use the e-tunai.

E-tunai without a doubt has a lot of advantages and it will make the rakyat more digital savvy and help them to be part of the global digital economy one day.

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