Vietnamese firm Viettel’s 5G claim raises eyebrows outside


A Vietnamese firm’s claim to be a fresh force in 5G network equipment is being treated with scepticism by industry experts.

Last week, Viettel demoed a video call saying it had used 5G network hardware and software developed in-house.

It added that it aimed to commercialise the technology later this year.

But experts say high research costs and others’ ownership of critical patents would make it a difficult sector to break into in any meaningful way.

Viettel – which is controlled by Vietnam’s military – suggested its engineers had developed the radio base station involved after just six months of work, during which they had “officially mastered 5G network technology”.

“Currently, five companies have successfully produced network devices for 5G including Ericsson, Nokia, Huawei, Samsung and ZTE,” the company added in a Vietnamese-language press release.

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