ILLUSTRATION: Denis carrier/HBR.


It is truly shocking and unacceptable that the Chinese child from Wuhan who was confirmed as having been infected with the dangerous and contagious 2019-nCOV virus could ‘escape’ the required withholding by the authorities.

Why, it was only yesterday that another Chinese national from Wuhan, a woman was reported by the international media to have boasted how she had evaded the required screening process at the airport upon exiting China and freely-traipsed into Paris to the consternation of folks in France and elsewhere.

But, in Malaysia, the public perception is that the government seems oblivious to the dangerous situation with nary a firm decision as what to do immediately in the wake of the panic that is gripping the world.

Earlier, when asked by the media whether tourists inbound from Wuhan or even China should be stopped from entering Malaysia, the response given by some officials from the Health Ministry clearly passed the buck to the Home Affairs Ministry.

To date, a concrete and comforting response from the folks at the Home Ministry is still wanting, or even if there is any, none has been reported by the media for the benefit of the jittery Malaysian public.

Also, thanks and no thanks to the volumes of fake news that is going around on the subject, with some visually shared and causing Malaysians to break into cold sweat.

And speaking of fake news and scaremongering, the authorities that are supposed to handle damage and crisis control on social media seems weak, disparate, ineffective or even non-existent.

So, we implore upon the good folks at the Ministry of Communications and Multimedia, the Department of Information, the Home Affairs Ministry or even the National Security Council to do something – please.


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