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By Dr. Atikah Nor Johari and Dr. Mohd Shahidan Shaari

YOUNG agropreneurs play an important role in ensuring the success of the agricultural sector. They have head starts over elderly agroupreneurs in terms of mental and physical strengths to transform the agricultural sector into a more dynamic and competitive sector. Their involvement in the sector can provide more job opportunities to other young people, especially fresh graduates.

However, their success in the sector is dependent on their efforts rather than external factors, such as political, technological and government support. Young agropreneurs are more flexible and able to make more strategic and wiser decisions for the success of their businesses.

To pave the way for their success, they must have entrepreneurial mindsets to improve their skills and be imbued with positive entrepreneurial attitudes. However, their move to success still needs government support to weather innumerable challenges and obstacles in the agricultural sector.

They must have vast innovative and technological knowledge so that they will not be plunged into gloom and doom when they run their businesses. Besides, positive entrepreneurial mindsets can spur them to generate ideas, think creatively, evaluate and grab opportunities in the market. Young agropreneurs must have the ability and capability to turn their ideas into business opportunities and are able to reduce the risk of embarking on the agricultural path.

The sustainability of the agricultural sector entails the involvement of young agropreneurs with advanced technology skills. The skills are indispensable to translate business ideas into action. Thus, success will lay within their grasp.

Apart from that, we need to change the negative attitude of young people towards the agricultural sector. The failure of young agropreneurs can be attributed to their lack of motivation. Many of them can survive in the short run only, not because of their age or inability to manage their resources efficiently, but their negative attitudes towards agriculture.

In addition, young agropreneurs must also be instilled with a strong entrepreneurial spirit so that they can always look for opportunities in a bid to drive their businesses to a higher level. The spirit can be achieved if they change their belief that being entrepreneurs will not make them fly high. As a result of the spirit, the country can increase the number of young agropreneurs who are opportunistic and innovative.

In conclusion, the agricultural sector should be explored by more young agropreneurs who have entrepreneurial mindsets and do not fear taking any risks. They must always be ready to change in order to have a high level of creativity and apply new technologies. Entrepreneurial skills obtained from formal and informal education are essential for the success of agricultural enterprises. Other than that, positive attitudes are also a key driver for entrepreneurial success. – BebasNews

Dr Nor Atikah Nor Johari

Dr. Mohd Shahidan Shaari

Dr. Atikah Nor is a Senior Lecturer in Entrepreneurship, Faculty of Applied and Human Sciences, Universiti Malaysia Perlis (UniMAP), and

Dr. Mohd Shahidan Shaari is a Senior Lecturer in Economics, Faculty of Applied and Human sciences, Universiti Malaysia Perlis (UniMAP)

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