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For 3 Days, Germany is renaming their train station to Kuala Schlumpur

THE 2022 United Nations Climate Change Conference is currently taking place in Egypt where discussions are being held at the highest political level on the next steps towards fighting against global warming.

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According to a report by NDR, the Hamburger Verkehrsverbund (HVV) have changed several bus stops and metro station names to incorporate the names of warmer countries, in an effort to draw attention to the possible consequences of climate change.

Among the metro stations affected is the Schlump station, which incorporated with the sunny Kuala Lumpur, was changed to Kuala Schlumpur.

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A HVV spokesperson shared that rising sea levels, prolonged droughts and extreme heat have also seen consequences in Hamburg, Germany.

Hence, the changing of the station names, though for 3 days only, are to raise awareness of “what it could look like here if we don’t take countermeasures”.

Others include Balearenfeld (Bahrenfeld), Seychellingen (Stellingen), Havannerbrook (Hammerbrook), Mallermöhe (Allermöhe), Saharalandstraße (Saarlandstraße), São Pauli (St. Pauli), S Casablankenese (S- Bahn Blankenese), Trabrennbahn Balearenfeld (Trabrennbahn Bahrenfeld), U Mümmelmannbeach (Mümmelmannsberg) and Schenefelder La Paz (Schenefelder Platz).

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