By Muhammad Hazim Mohd Bakri

THE demand for ‘Tuok nyor’ is always increasing regardless of the season.

Nira Kelapa is produced from coconut pulp whose sugar content has not been converted to
alcohol. In Malaysia there are three known types of sap, namely rice sap, coconut sap and nipah sap.

The production of coconut sap has the potential to become a product made in Malaysia
because the demand is very high.

The demand for ‘Nira Kelapa’ increases when the fasting month approaches.

During the month of fasting, they can sell as many as 150 to 200 bottles compared to normal days at a price of Rm5 to Rm15 per bottle depending on the type of bottle.

This juice is more focused on wholesale sales and it is not only for the local market, but even overseas as far as Singapore.

In addition to producing ‘Nira Kelapa’ it can also be made into gula melaka by cooking it until it thickens and then freezes when it cools.

Gula Melaka is a very popular product among the Malaysian community and other Southeast Asians because of its properties and its use in preparing some traditional food dishes.

The whole world was hit by Covid-19 at the beginning of 2020 causing Kelantan’s economic
sector to be severely affected.

Its GDP decreased to RM25.8bil in 2021, compared to RM26.851bil in 2020. This causes the economic sector in Kelantan to be improved to restore the economy, and agricultural products such as ‘Nira Kelapa’ can help improve the economic sector in Kelantan.

The unique taste of this ‘Nira Kelapa’ cannot be described, you have to try it yourself.

Entrepreneurs will place chengal wood cuttings in coconut sap storage containers and serve as a natural preservative that gives a special aroma and can ensure that the drink lasts longer and is not sour.

This economic activity will further boost the country’s economic growth. This is because
financial flows occur in Malaysia and Singapore.

I suggest it could be part of the East Coast Economic Region development effort.

Faculty of Business & Communication, Universiti Malaysia Perlis

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