Letter to Editor

A few days ago, I had my scheduled post-angioplasty follow-up consultation at Hospital Serdang.

Whilst I commend the Government for an almost cost-free medical service, I am a little perturbed by the entire process where the flow is rather absurd and at times, defies common sense, resulting in an extraordinarily long wait time.

I took the liberty of noting the entire process as listed below and it is my sincere hope that the Minister of Health and the Ministry officials take heed of this issue and take immediate actions to remedy this problem for the benefit of the Rakyat.

Date of appointment: 18 Jan 2023
Venue: Unit Jantung Hospital Serdang (New)
1. 9.05 a.m. – Arrived at Level 1 – Reg Counter – wait time – 1hr 15 mins – scan barcode – attend time – 5 secs; end – 10.18 a.m.
2. 10.19 a.m. – Level 2 – register for screening (BP etc) – wait time – 1hr 20 mins – measured BP, SPO2, etc – attend time – 7 mins; end – 11.40 a.m.
3. 11.40 a.m. – Level 2, await consultation – wait time – 3hrs 50 mins – attend time – 10 mins; end – 3.30 p.m.
4. 3.35 p.m. – Level 1, pharmacy – wait time 50 mins – collect meds – attend time – 5 mins; end – 4.25 p.m.
Total wait time – 7hrs 15 mins Total attend time – 22 mins 5 secs.

It was frustrating to have to wait for 1hr 15 mins just to scan the barcode which took only 5 secs!

I would suggest that this process be done at the reception, where a scanner can be installed, so those with confirmed appointments will only have to show the record book/card and get it scanned.

The patient can then proceed to the respective clinic for the screening, consultation etc.

With all due respect, this is no nuclear science, only common sense!

Hoping this post will reach to Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia Dr Zaliha Mustafa
Noor Hisham Abdullah

— BebasNews

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