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By Papparaidu Veraman*

The labour shortage in all sectors is a big problem and many entrepreneurs have shown their dissatisfaction recently in Malaysia. A group of entrepreneurs’ associations claim that they expect a large number of foreign workers to fill their sectors for them to remain in their industry.

Although foreign workers are trying to overcome the labour shortage in Malaysia’s construction market, plantations and other sectors. But they are also too dependent on foreign workers and the negative effects caused have become a serious social problem in our country. The main aim of this exploration is to identify the negative effects caused by foreign workers in our country and to determine strategies to minimize these negative effects.

Entrepreneurs must remember that they spend more on foreign workers when compared to local workers. For example, the company must cover a work permit and a basic salary of 1500 (Min) per month with food and accommodation for foreigners. In some places, they also have to provide transportation for them. Many entrepreneurs do not take into counting these points.

Currently, the labour ministry is trying hard to meet the grievances of the entrepreneurs.
However, I believe these entrepreneurs should not be completely dependent on foreign labour 100% in their business sector. We should be able and willing to recruit local labour to fill vacancies instead of relying on outsiders. This is the case in most foreign countries such as Europe and Australia as they are relying on the locals.

Second, we should offer reasonable payment or remuneration for local jobs, especially 3D jobs such as dirty, dangerous and difficult jobs. Many of our young people are willing to do this work but foreigners and illegal workers are their competitors. For example, many of our youngsters do this kind of work in Singapore. These white-collar contractors are always running for high profits by hiring these illegals and foreigners for their high profits. This attitude should be eliminated so that the local workforce is on the right track for them to dignify themselves and the next generation.

Actions to reduce the workforce of foreigners is a step to open up space for our young people to be proud in the 3D jobs field that can generate a good income. Our country should foster priority for our young people compared to foreigners who invite various social and disciplinary problems.

The writer is the founder & advisor of Malaysian Indian Voice – MIV

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