BYD Dolphin

KUALA LUMPUR — In a remarkable achievement, BYD, the world’s leading manufacturer of new energy vehicles, recently celebrated the production of its 500,000th BYD DOLPHIN electric vehicle.

Since its debut in August 2021, the BYD DOLPHIN has consistently held its position as the top-selling A0-level hatchback in China for an impressive 19 consecutive months.

The DOLPHIN’s success story continues as it makes a significant global impact, providing premium green mobility solutions to customers around the world.

In a testament to its global appeal, the BYD DOLPHIN was launched in Brazil in June 2023, where it sold over 4,000 units within just two months.

This achievement set a new historic record for electric vehicle (EV) sales in Brazil and earned the DOLPHIN the title of the best-selling EV in the month of August.

Meanwhile, in Thailand, the DOLPHIN achieved an impressive fifth place in EV sales during its inaugural month on the market, delivering 481 units.

In the UK, the vehicle recently completed its first test drive event, receiving widespread acclaim from the media.

The BYD DOLPHIN represents a significant milestone for BYD as it is the first model built on the e-Platform 3.0, exclusively designed for pure electric vehicles.

This platform prioritizes aerodynamics, rigidity, and cabin space, resulting in substantial improvements in safety and range.

Notably, the seamless integration of BYD’s ultra-safe Blade Battery within the e-Platform 3.0 ensures a secure and convenient driving experience for users.

The DOLPHIN’s design philosophy embraces the captivating “Ocean Aesthetics” language, drawing inspiration from the beauty of nature.

It combines curvy emotional elements of waves with strong charismatic lines, creating a dynamic and exuberant overall style.

Inside the vehicle, the eco-friendly ethos continues, with sustainable vegan leather adorning the integrated sports seats.

This not only offers long-distance comfort but also provides strong lateral support while reflecting ocean-inspired aesthetics.

BYD, a true leader in clean energy, has committed to producing over 5.1 million new energy passenger cars globally.

Operating in 400 cities across 70 countries and regions on six continents, BYD took a significant step in 2022 by discontinuing the production of internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles to focus exclusively on battery electric vehicles (BEVs) and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs).

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