Rafidah Aziz

KUALA LUMPUR — Former federal minister Rafidah Aziz has expressed deep disappointment over the alleged blocking of her Facebook post criticizing the discharge of retirees and civil servants from the National Heart Institute (IJN) in Malaysia.

According to Rafidah, her post remains accessible to the rest of the world but is unavailable to anyone accessing the internet from within Malaysia, reports FMT.

In a new Facebook post, she stated, “Now, we are unable to express our valid views that concern our rakyat (people), specifically the retirees. We speak for the sake of our society and beloved nation, Malaysia, with no political agenda.”

Rafidah has urged Communications Minister Fahmi Fadzil to clarify the law she allegedly violated, leading to the blocking of her post. She emphasized that the issue pertained to heart patients, not general health problems that could be addressed at the district hospital level.

A check by FMT on Rafidah’s Facebook page revealed that the three-day-old post is now missing.

In her initial Facebook post, Rafidah criticized the Health Ministry and IJN, stating that specialized treatment at government hospitals was part of the retirement package for pensioners.

The former international trade and industry minister questioned whether the pensioners, who had “served the nation for the most part of their lives,” were being directed to seek treatment at government clinics lacking the expertise, equipment, and medication for specialized treatment.

The Health Ministry later clarified that patients are only discharged from IJN once their conditions are stable, with a monitoring period of at least six months to a year for adults and one to two years for children. This clarification was made in response to a letter published on the health news portal Code Blue, where a retiree expressed shock at being discharged from IJN after 25 years of extensive care, with multiple admissions and procedures, citing compliance with a Health Ministry directive.

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