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KUALA LUMPUR — Aman Palestin has introduced a new initiative, inviting the public to contribute to the Palestine Case Solidarity Fund.

In a recent statement posted on the Aman Palestin Facebook page, it was highlighted that the organisation has encountered significant challenges since the initiation of charges against it.

“These challenges extend beyond the mere inability to distribute aid; accounts have been frozen, staff layoffs have occurred, branches have been forced to close, and legal proceedings have incurred costs in the millions of ringgit.

“Aman Palestin urges the community to assist in covering the expenses of Aman Palestin’s court cases in efforts to restore Aman Palestin’s reputation and clear it from all accusations,” read the post.

After the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) froze Aman Palestin Bhd’s accounts almost three months ago, the humanitarian non-governmental organisation (NGO) has been forced to operate on a reduced scale.

Established in 2004, this freeze has also resulted in the closure of 13 out of 20 Aman Palestin branches.

Nearly 100 out of 150 Aman Palestin staff have been asked to take unpaid leave until further notice. – NST

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