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KUALA LUMPUR — How deep is Hong Kong star Kelly Chen’s love for durians? Enough to fill her luggage with the fruit, it seems.

During her Season 2 World Tour concert in Genting Highlands on March 29, Chen, 51, said she first tried Musang King durians during a visit to Malaysia several years back and fell in love with it.

Hoping to enjoy some of it back in Hong Kong, the Cantopop star and her entourage decided to load their luggage with the fruit.

When they arrived at the airport, however, they were stopped by the staff there.

“It was then I learnt that durians are not allowed on a flight,” said the singer-actress who is known for a string of 1990s and 2000s hit films such as Anna Magdalena (1998), Tokyo Raiders (2000) and Infernal Affairs (2002).

Not wanting to let the fruit go to waste, Chen and her entourage rushed outside the airport to eat the durians there.

“I know now that they can be vacuum-packed,” she added, before jokingly asking the audience to buy some for her.

Her fans duly obliged.

On April 2, Chen uploaded a photo of herself posing with a durian cake on Instagram.

She wrote: “Thanks to the Malaysian fans for the cake. A huge thanks also to the band members, dancers and staff backstage. You have all worked hard.”

Chen kicked off her Season 2 World Tour in Macau in September 2023, followed by Las Vegas, Toronto, Guangzhou and Shanghai. She will next perform in Shenzhen. – THE STAR/ASIA NEWS NETWORK

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