Munashraf Munawar’s path towards becoming a young millionaire began after observing his own family’s struggles. -NSTP/FARHAN RAZAK

KUALA LUMPUR — Munashraf Munawar’s path towards becoming a young millionaire began after observing his own family’s struggles.

His parents worked salaried jobs and while they made enough to get by, Munashraf knew he wanted to do more.

At 23, he is now a millionaire many times over. His company, which produces the Biovet brand of pet food and supplements, is estimated to be worth RM26 million, employing almost 200 people.

His sense of entrepreneurship began at 15, when he began a drop ship business selling sneakers imported from China.

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‘I used social media to sell the shoes, both to my friends and the public. I made between RM10 and RM15 per pair of shoes,” he said.

Slowing down his business at 17 to focus on his Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) examination, he later started from scratch, working as a product agent.

“I did direct selling, hawking chocolate jars by the roadside. I also became an agent for ‘kerepek’ (crackers) and keropok cheese. Whatever there was to be sold, I sold it,” he said.

Munashraf said when his friends were out having fun, he was actively looking for ways to improve himself in business.

“I learned how to do marketing, sales and closing. I looked for companies which I could become an agent for,” he said.

He said after setting up several businesses which initially showed promise, he couldn’t scale them up any further.

Tragedy also struck when his mother died. However, his parents’ desire for him to succeed helped him pick up the pieces.

The idea for Biovet came to him after observing health issues among his friends’ cats and his own, as well as seeing long queues at veterinarian offices.

“I began looking into the idea of creating my own range of cat products,” he said, adding that after conducting market research, he began producing a range of cat vitamins.

Munashraf found success, registering almost RM1 million in sales the first year.

At 19, he made his first million. By 21, he was paying more than RM500,000 in income tax.

Munashraf aims to make his first billion before 30.

He attributed his success to having a vision, willingness to learn, tenacity, as well as having support from his family and team.

“If you don’t have a vision, you will do things half-heartedly. Even now, my vision is to expand Biovet as far as I can and to build the largest veterinary hospital in Malaysia.

“Also, don’t give up. Let people say what they want. Do what it takes to achieve your vision,” said Munashraf, who is now pursuing a law degree.

Meanwhile, 18-year-old Nur Edlynn Zamileen, better known as Cik B, faced a different set of challenges.

The daughter of cosmetics entrepreneur Datuk Seri Vida, she had to fight to be taken seriously as a businesswoman due to her association with her mother.

“My biggest challenge is managing people’s expectations. Whatever I do, people always associate it with my mother. They claim that my success is due to my mother’s wealth.

“I still have to work hard to get what I want. My aim is to prove to everyone that I can achieve my own success,” she said, adding that she was nevertheless grateful for her family and staff’s support.

Inspired by her mother’s business acumen, Cik B got her first taste of business when in school, selling fidget spinners to friends.

Buoyed by success, at 14, she began her business selling the Cik B Salmon Skin range of snacks, which she said netted her first million.

Cik B, who hopes to one day be as successful as her mother, advised youngsters to not give up.

“There’s nothing wrong with asking for help but remember, only you who can help yourself most. If you desire it and work towards it, you can achieve it,” she said.

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