Could Ahmad Fuad’s censored artworks be reinstated due to mounting public protest?


PRESSURE is mounting on the National Art Gallery (NAG) in Kuala Lumpur to reverse its decision to censor works in an important exhibition that opened in October last year and is still ongoing.

Malaysian contemporary artist Ahmad Fuad Osman had four works from his exhibition At The End Of The Day Even Art Is Not Important (1990–2019) taken down on Feb 4, allegedly for being too political and obscene.

Late yesterday (Feb 16) evening, a “Collectors Petition” signed by 55 art collectors calling for the works to be reinstated was circulated among media. The petition said the collectors would not to lend works from private collections to NAG in future if artworks are going to be subject to censorship by the institution’s board and management.

The strongly-worded petition is a first ever show of public support for a censored artist from the Malaysian art collector community, which has propped up NAG exhibitions through the years by loaning privately owned artworks.

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