Commentary by DR. RAIS SANIMAN


THE Malays do not realise that they are being recolonised by internal colonialism.

The Malays are living in the gagaland of Ketuanan Melayu because they have strings of fancy titles and even longer names.

The fact is they are 3rd class citizens, with the first being Chinese and 2nd, Indians. All the statistics confirm this situation.

So, the Malays carry on living happily in their fancy world, smiling, laughing, praying, oblivious to the fact that they are being dominated politically and economically by the Chinese.

The same thing happened in Java. The Javanese never realised that they were a colony because they still had their sultans with 80 wives, courtiers , the melodious sounds of the gamelan and regalia festooned with tin medals, etc.

And so, similarly over there, life carried on merrily, until Soekarno and Hatta came along.

But we have Najib, etc. and we don’t have Soekerno, Hatta and Nusantara leaders.

We have Hadi, Zahid, Najib, Rosmah and other frauds and clowns.

So, we will disappear slowly like the Singapore and the Penang Malays. Future Malays will be dancing for tourists like the native Hawaiians tourists brought by Chinese towkays.

There you are, the Sejarah Melayu in a nutshell.

The Malays won’t fight for their human rights under the Federal Constitution and the UN Charter. Why? Because they are not aware of their rights.

Ask any Malays on the street what is Article 153, and they will look blank.

So, we continue to amble merrily along until we become kaum pendatang in our own country. The rich Malays have gone with their loots to London, etc.

Well presented and articulate. It’s the truth though painful to be reminded. We are still slumbering, thinking everything should be ok.  What is our next move?

First, the Malays must unite and organise themselves to defend their human rights under the Federal Constitution and the UN Charter. Their very survival as a race depends on this unity.

Second, they must get back their political power, and with that political power they can design policies like the NEP (New Economic Policy) in its modern form to upgrade themselves socioeconomically to the levels of the Chinese and Indians, without being deprived of their human and social rights.

They can design the best education system in the world based on STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) and study the advanced system, like those used in Singapore, Finland, etc.

They can strengthen the Islamic network domestically and internationally.

With racial parity, a united Malaysian nation in diversity will automatically achieve the dreams of our founding fathers.

These are some possible policies for all Malaysians, with full rights accorded to the Malays.

As the policies evolve, other policies need to be incorporated to make it a comprehensive system

In the course of Malay history, it was Malay Disunity that brought the glorious Malay empires of  Majapahit, Malacca, Perak and others to their knees. This is the historical pattern that we are seeing even today.

We have to get together for the common survival of UMNO-PAS-Pakatan and the rest.

With political power we will be able to design good policies for all Malaysians, including for the Malays.

Right now the minority is ruling the majority because the latter is divided.

The DAP is now the ruling government and  98 percent of the Chinese are united behind them.

The economy is in Chinese hands, just like in South Africa where the white minority is politically and economically dominant and ruling the land.

The blacks, like the Malays are divided, fighting among themselves and forgetting the main enemy. Lee Kuan Yew was right and so the British went on with their divide and rule policy.

We now have many clever Malays. They know the game plan. We can do it if we try.  We have no choice.

Do it or disappear like the Maoris, Aborigines, the Red Indians, etc.

— BebasNews
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  1. Yes !! the only way is to unite.
    Once and for all and conquer our rights or loose everything in no time.

  2. Indeed there is a pressing need for the Malays to unite. But its easier said than done though nothing is impossible.
    we know that politically we are divided at least into four parties umno, pas, pakatan and some other splinter parties. There is thus a need for someone or a body to be set up to work for Malay unity. Dr Rais could spearhead it to also include personalities like TS Rais Yatim to study and make some serious efforts on how that unity could be achieved. This is very important for the sake of our future well being and for the sake of our children and the future generations. I dont think we want us to fall along the way in the future when we cant expect protection anymore. We have to be able to stand on our own without the crutches any more. Thus we need to be strong and be able to compete on a level playing field with the others. This the Malays themselves will have to understand and be prepared for.

    • Agree with the writer malay must unite for survival….we must be the dominant force….in administration as well as econmy….other race must submit to the perlembagaan persekutuan if they want to live in malaya….as for sabah and Sarawak they are part of malaysia….the decision is theirs…..


  4. there can never be national unity without Malay unity , and Malay unity can never be achieved if Malay political and social leadership is not united and rise above party politics. Islam should be the basis of Malay unity. The leaders should spend time together and pray together to work out a formula for the unity. Ego should be left behind if Malay unity is to be pursued honestly.

  5. Kaum majority punya kuasa undi 65%. Tiada siapa boleh mengalahkan jika bersatu dan Menafaatkan kuasa undi ini. Selain tindakan luaran perlu moral dan spiritual force pembentukan jati diri professionalism cemerlang dan taqwa. Kita mempunyai 6442 masjid 18008 surau. Balik warisan islam kita berjemaah 21 juta Muslim. Baraqah perpaduan dihormati disegani. Pilih kerjaan berteras kaum majoriti. Amanah adil best delivery system best practices Counter services front line services akhlak mulia pemimpin2. Jaga kepentingan rakyat semua kaum yg memerlukan pertolongan. Pemimpin sayangi rakyat dan disayangi. إن شآء الله negara Baraqah rakyat sejahtera aman makmur. Negara terbaik di rahmati dan di ampuni Allah swt والله اعلم

  6. Its indeed imperative that the Malays must unite and the best uniting medium is Islam.The question that remains is How do we go about it? For the sake of our future generation it becomes a matter of urgency that action is taken soonest possible.

  7. Ahh… hv hit the right spot! The Divine msg once given to the Malays who had but alas them resorted to riba practices which was abhorred by the Prophet (saw) onto which even war was declared upon, which is also equivalent to having sexual relations with their own mother. They had worshipped the idol of Malay Supremacy. Their abhorence held towards pork and kafirs is greater than the cardinal sin of riba practises which was the real reason for their own implosion and the collapse under the jahilian practise of UMNO and now PAS. There is no difference between idolatries of the jahilliyan Quraish of Mecca and the Malays of Racial Supremacy in Malaysia. The only way out of this, as you rightly mentioned , is to go back to the Quran and the Sunnah practises instead.

  8. Jadi orang Islam yg bertaqwa, Allah akan membuka jalan untuk kita bersatu dan maju. Sekarang ini orang Melayu semuanya Islam, tapi berapa sangat yg dekat denganNya? Kita jauhi Dia, Dia jauhi kita.

  9. Absolutely right for Malays to be in power politically and strive for economic power. But most importantly must get rid of the corruption and greed habit.

  10. Betul, Melayu/Islam mesti bersatu jika tidak, pupus!! ( ujud tp saolah olah tak ujud ).
    Perlukan saorang penyatu yg fokus dan ikhlas utk penyatuan ummah bukan utk memenuhkan kantung sendiri


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