Yes to MCO!


We are ordinary people who depend on daily work to substantiate our living. If we worked, we would have an income. If not, there would arise many problems due to lack of income.

Today the Prime Minister YAB Muhyiddin Yassin has made an announcement to extend the MCO (Movement Control Order) till the 14th of April 2020.

We are very thankful to the Prime Minister for extending the MCO. In doing so he had placed the importance of health and the well-being of the people so that they shall not, hopefully, be infected by the Covid-19 which can destroy lives.

We support the Prime Minister’s action fully because we understand the reason for him doing so. We hope everyone will give their full support to the extension of the MCO.

The shortage of income due to a temporary work stoppage and a lesser amount of food to consume because of the shortage of income is nothing much compared to the health, well-being and the preservation of life.

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