Hope and pray for the frontliners to find a cure



IT looks like there is no let-up in the damaging march of the Covid-19 virus that has affected humans all over the world.

With a panacea that is being aggressively sought by scientists still nowhere in sight, the only way to contain the scourge is for the authorities to impose a stay-at-home order.

Almost no one is spared and work has to be done from home, where possible.

For those whose work can be done by using the computer, it is not too bad a deal, but for others, this may not be an option.

For the latter category, their livelihood would invariably, be adversely affected and they surely need urgent help from the authorities.

But help should not necessarily depend on the authorities alone, we too can do our part to lighten the burden of these unfortunates.

And as for the restriction on movement, the strategy has proven to be rather effective, despite having to deal with the recalcitrants among the public.

With restricted movement and lockdown that is being implemented by many countries, there have been some pockets of containment, but for how long?

Meanwhile, the race to find a cure for Covid-19 is getting nearer as a breakthrough has been reported in India, while the situation in China’s Hubei province has passed the critical stage.

The situation in Malaysia, meanwhile, is not good, said a medical officer at the Kuala Lumpur General Hospital.

All the medical staff, especially the doctors and the nurses are truly overwhelmed with the increasing number of people suspected to have contracted the virus.

It is a pitiful sight watching the doctors, nurses and other hospital workers working round the clock with nary a convenient time to rest or take a breather.

Some had to work for up to 18 hours without rest and only to find themselves capitulating to extreme exhaustion, falling asleep in their chairs, at their tables and even in the corridors.

The situation is similar in other countries. Hospitals just could not cope to the extent that patients over the age of 70 have been told to go home, hence giving priority to the younger ones.

Such is the devastating effect of this virus. We are indeed now facing a very critical test.

Its also very unfortunate that some people who have symptoms of cough, cold and runny nose are refusing to get medical assistance but instead pass the bugs to others in their vicinity.

Facing this unrelenting challenge, we the common folks can only hope and pray that all those researchers and medical professionals will be able to find an antidote for us to begin fighting back this unseen enemy, that is the Covid-19.

— BebasNews

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