Ismail Sabri: Straight to quarantine centre for any Malaysians returning home, no exceptions


    PUTRAJAYA —  All Malaysians who return to the country will be immediately quarantined for 14 days, says Senior Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri.

    This ruling will take effect from April 3, he said.

    He said those coming back – either on chartered or commercial flights – will immediately sent to government quarantine centres as soon as they step off the plane.

    “We noted that some countries are experiencing an increase in Covid-19 cases because its citizens are returning from abroad.

    “That is why the meeting decided that everyone who returns to Malaysia will be quarantined for 14 days, ” he said on Tuesday (March 31).

    Ismail Sabri said authorities are now making the necessary preparations to take in Malaysians returning from abroad, including students.

    He said at the centres, they will be screened and tested to determine their health status, adding all standard operating procedures will be adhered to.

    “Because of this, the public need not come to the airport to pick up their family members because once they arrive, they will be taken to the quarantine centres.

    “However, they can still keep in touch with their loved ones via phone, ” he said.


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