OCM does not need a CEO



What OCM really needs is to get those with passion for sports

The Olympic Council of Malaysia does not need a Chief Executive Officer.

And that is a fact that every member of the OCM Executive Board has to realise.

There are well over 50 applicants for the position of CEO and it is learnt that many of them have basically no administrative skills in sports management.

OCM is a sports body that was run for years by voluntary officials and it was only in the late 90’s that there was a position of General Manager created.

After MP Haridass effectively retired, the position went to his assistant Fong Wan Hor.

There are less than 15 full time staff working in OCM and they are competent enough to run the organisation effectively.

What OCM really needs is to get those with passion for sports to serve, either full time or as part timers.

The current staff need guidance, support, training and above all motivation to bring the best out of them

Paying a CEO is not cheap, for OCM can be expected to pay something within the range of RM15,000 to RM25,000 for a CEO?

But will that solve anything?

Yes, there are admittedly issues with regards to administration and management but with a change at the top, this was to be expected, as different leaders have different ways of managing things.

The fact that the hotel has been vacant and now has to be re/tendered is surely of a bigger concern then hiring another person.

To look at things in the correct perspective, what OCM really needs is additional staff in marketing, corporate communications and data collection.

These are areas that need to be shored up in order the get the engine room moving. A ship without the key oars will just stay stagnant and with the lack of these personnel, a great caption (read as CEO) will only be able to anchor the ship in still waters and not sail the world.

Hence, the entire Executive Board should put on their thinking caps and justify the decision of hiring a CEO.

If I may ask, just how many of the various sub committees of OCM have actually held meetings or are productive,

It is learnt that there are some 12-14 sub committees in the present OCM set up , but just how many have actually carried out their given and entrusted tasks with satisfaction?

Yes, there are areas where the general administration of OCM has not performed up to expectations, but adding another person, which will be just a pen pusher, will not solve the problem.

While OCM takes pride in training others through their various IOC related training programs, just how many times have they even held training programs for their own staff?

The OCM Sports Museum is a wonderful venue to hold events, and as evident from the awe of the former athletes who turned up last Friday at the Daphne book launch, it is clear that many are not aware of such a collection of sports memorabilia .

So let’s cut the chase, drop the idea of a CEO, move forward to strengthen the existing staff with some key additions, surely it will cost less than hiring a CEO.

And almost a year after being voted in, the EB needs to be more involved in running OCM rather than just turn up once a month to parrot things which the wide world already knows.

Let’s not get personal here; we are all here to serve for the betterment of sports in the country

Put aside your individual feelings. Work as a team, work towards one common goal, work with passion and desire to see sports grow.

Stop working for self glory please!

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