One-day sitting of Parliament turning out to be a sitting of all three branches of government



IT HAS been a disturbing thought since April 18 that a one-day parliamentary sitting offends the constitution and standing orders of parliament.

A cringing thought of a legal challenge against the one-day parliamentary sitting soon engulfs. God forbids.

It is because it would put the three branches of government – the executive, the legislature and the judiciary – in one sitting.

But it is happening. A legal challenge has indeed been filed against the prime minister and Dewan Rakyat speaker over the limiting of the May 18 sitting to just the royal address.

The application, filed by lawyer R. Kengadharan and social activist D. Arumugam, seeks a high court declaration that the one-day sitting is unconstitutional.

This means that the one-day sitting is turning into a sitting of all three branches of government.

It is avertable. It only takes a meeting of minds and a consensus ad idem – for the sake of the nation.

All eyes will be on Malaysia, yet again. It is hoped that the legal challenge is not a protracted affair.

Perhaps the Yang di-Pertuan Agong could be advised to act under Article 130 of the Federal Constitution to refer to the Federal Court the effect of Article 55(1) and what constitutes a sitting of Parliament.


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