The Olympic Council Of Malaysia president has boldly announced the decision to place a bid to host the 2030 Asian Games.

Although there is no issue with placing a bid, it would have been more appropriate and sensible to hold discussions with the government first before making such an announcement.

Perhaps discussions were held but from the tone of the statement, it seems as if the decision was only made at the meeting and the desire to bid for the Asian Games was communicated to the NSC Director-General Datuk Ahmad Shapawi Ismail at the meeting.

Let us look at the four major sports events that this country has hosted over the past 30 years.

In 1989 and 2001, Malaysia played hosts to the SEA Games and all went well, both with the organisation as well as post event details, such as reports and accounts.

Then came the first bitter lesson, the 1998 Commonwealth Games, which lived up to its name “common wealth”

The accounts took some six years to close, eventually shutting the company formed to host it in 2004, though there are still doubts if it was actually a done deal.

No accounts were made public.

Then in 2017 the nation hosted the SEA Games.

The report was only released last month, some 18 months after the Games were over.

Tons of equipment was purchased for the games and it is learnt that it is stored away in a warehouse in Balakong as the auditing process is not completed

There was a body formed, named MASOC to handle the games. Till today no accounts have been released or made public or clarification as to whether the MASOC has been officially disbanded.

So there we have it, two very important lessons in organising multi sports events.

We are great organisers but we are rotten in accountability.

And for that reason alone, the goverment should put a stop to this short term planning for the purpose of a legacy of another.

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