Ikea Malaysia must enhance its visibility



WITHOUT a doubt, most Malaysians love to shop at Ikea to buy its famous Billy bookshelf and eat its much sought after Swedish meatballs.

And most Malaysians would know that Ikea Malaysia is part of the Ikea global network.

However, not all Malaysians are aware that the activities carried out by Swedish-based Ikea in the US are not necessarily carried out by Ikea Malaysia.

Thus, a Watsapp message became viral a over the weekend over the sale of Ikea’s Storstomma bag.

The sales campaign of the bag until end of August was to support lesbians, gays, bisexuals transvestites and queers or LGBT. The promotion however was meant only for Ikea consumers in the US.

Unfortunately, a Malaysian woman was mocked on Twitter earlier this week for asking Malaysians to boycott Ikea for selling the bags.

It is unclear if the woman identified as Ulya Azhari was aware that the bag was sold outside of Malaysia such as in the US and Mexico.

This is where Ikea Malaysia must play its part to highlight to Malaysians that the bag is not sold in Malaysia.

Ikea Nalaysia must enhance its visibility among Malaysian consumers informing the rakyat that it is not involved in propagating LGBTs in this country.

In a statement, Ikea Malaysia said the campaign isn’t run at any local Ikea stores nor has Ikea Malaysia shared any content regarding this campaign on its platforms.

“IKEA Malaysia, like all IKEA organisations around the world, respects the human rights of all people and we recruit without discrimination on the basis of race, religion, age, gender or sexual orientation.

We create workplaces where people from all backgrounds feel at home. We have not, however, devised the Be Someone’s Home campaign or shared any of its content in our social media channels.

This campaign is running in countries outside of the markets that belong to our franchisee, IKEA Southeast Asia & Mexico.


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