‘Nation Building’ Bersama Dr Lee Su Kim


Dr Lee Su Kim is the author of a trilogy of short stories: Kebaya Tales, Sarong Secrets and Manek Mischiefs. Kebaya Tales won First prize in the Popular-Star Readers’ Choice Awards 2011 (Fiction).

Her nonfiction bestsellers are : Malaysian Flavours: Insights into Things Malaysian and Manglish: Malaysian English at its Wackiest.

The latest edition of Manglish, 2019 is co-authored with Stephen Hall. A Nyonya In Texas: Insights of a Straits Chinese Woman in the Lone Star State highlights hilarious cross-cultural encounters.

Su Kim has been involved in tertiary education and cultural activism for many years, and is a TEDx speaker with her talk, ‘A Nyonya Journey’ on YouTube.

Together with Ninotaziz, she will be with Sharpened Word on 26th September at 22 Hale Street, Ipoh.

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