Tiff for PM’s post will only scare investors away



THERE is a famous saying among the investment community – uncertainty will only drive away investors.

That is the most likely scenario in the next few weeks or even days if the country’s politicians don’t back down.

It was bad enough when Sabah’s former chief minister Tan Sri Musa Aman had to throw in the spanner to disrupt the relative peace in the “Negeri di bawah bayu.”

And now we have Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim disrupting the peace by shaking the status quo.

Granted that the Malays in this country will never be united.

Political developments will always be part and parcel of Malaysia.

But they should at least be mindful of the current economic and health conditions in the country before making their “langkah Kajang” or whatever.

We are now in the middle of a pandemic and they really must stop bickering among themselves.

An estinated 800,000 Malaysians have lost their jobs and the economy contracted in the last quarter.

“Malaysian politics is full of drama but the politicians should wait at least until the Sabah elections are over” an investment banker at Maybank Investment told Bebas News.

He added Malaysia like any country in the world is facing challenges such as the closing of its borders, lethargic exports and tourists are barred from entry.

Do not aggravate the situation by allowing selfish politicians with vented interests to disrupt our peace and stability.

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