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More than a millennia ago,  there was a  princess, she sailed across the sea from Gellangui, her homeland in the southern hinterlands of the Malay Peninsula.

Her name was Onangkiu,  daughter of Raja Culin.

Beautiful and wise,  Onangkiu married the conqueror, Raja Syuran, and they ruled in Bija Nagara. Her daughter Chandani Wasis married the descendent of  the great Iskandar and gave birth to Raja Chulan who descended to the sea, traveled to Tumasik and Dika, the father of three princes who arrived at Bukit Seguntang, riding a white elephant. This phenomenon was encapsulated in the legends of old….

Paddy became gold.

The stalks became silver.

The earth,  copper.

Their descendants – the Malay Rulers

Of the Nusantara

These are among the stories from the Malay hikayat – Stories woven into the Malay history full of metaphors and legends. The stories of the Nusantara.

This is the way we tell our history.

Our poems and feelings – our loyalties were more important than dates and places. Centuries sometimes became decades and places -realms of fancy.

But the deeds of our heroes echo throughout the passages of time.


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