MAYBANK had raised an alert on scammers who are impersonating its officials with fake business cards from the bank. The scammers, who seek to sell loan products, will provide potential victims with authentic-looking name cards to gain their trust.

According to Maybank, the scammers may then request for a deposit of funds as a “payment fee” to secure the loan/financing applications. This is, of course, not standard practice and should be a huge red flag, but nevertheless, the seemingly authentic name cards could sway some people into falling for the scam.

In its Facebook post, Maybank reminded its customers to always verify the contact details that are printed on the cards, and to cross-check the numbers provided on Maybank’s official website. It also emphasised that Maybank officials will never use personal emails in their business cards (such as those ending with in the example above), or request for fee payments to secure any form of financing.

This isn’t the only scam tactic used to lure potential victims. An ongoing cyber scam attempts to lure unsuspecting Maybank2u users to log in to another website that is visually similar, but captures their login details instead.

Maybank customers should immediately contact the bank at 1300-88-66-88 or visit the nearest branch to clarify matters if they are ever in doubt of the authenticity of any matters. Meanwhile, those who suspect that their online banking login details have been compromised should quickly change their passwords and make a report to the bank via the fraud hotline at 03-58914744.

From the ever-present TAC scams to various scams targeting the elderly, stay extra alert and stay informed to avoid falling a victim!


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