Actor fined RM1,000 for removing face mask

    artist Mustaqim Bahadon fined for RM1000 when he smoked outside his shop at Wangsa Maju in KL. pic for his IG

    ACTOR Mustaqim Bahadon has been issued with a compound of RM1,000 for removing his face mask in a public space.

    According to Mustaqim, 35, he was alone in the motorcycle parking area opposite a barber shop he owned in Wangsa Maju, Kuala Lumpur, on Sunday.

    “In the afternoon, I asked a worker to cut my hair. While waiting for the worker to get his equipment ready, I went out for a while to smoke an e-cigarette at the motorbike parking area, which was right in front of the shop.

    “Not even a minute later, the authorities came around and said that I had violated the standard operating procedure (SOP) because I wasn’t wearing a mask. They issued me a compound for RM1,000.

    “At the time I was alone, there wasn’t anyone with me. I thought I could remove my mask for a while but apparently that was an offence, ” he told mStar, the Malay news portal of The Star.

    Even though he was fined, Mustaqim said he accepted it.

    “I apologise and I must admit that I took off my mask, although it was for a little while.

    “I took it easy as I thought I was complying with the SOP and not disturbing anyone but apparently it was an offence.

    “I accept it with an open heart because I was wrong to remove my mask although there wasn’t anyone around.

    “I don’t blame the authorities, ” he said.

    The actor of the Cinta Sekali Lagi drama also advised everyone not to forget the SOP during the conditional movement control order.
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